How Are Products Made?

All my pieces are hand wire wrapped by myself and infused with Reiki Healing Energy. I am a healer empath

What Kind of Wire Do I Use?

Most of the pieces are made with copper, silver plated copper, gold plated silver, and a variety of different color coated copper wire.  I also use antique bronze and .999 sterling silver. The different types of wire used are listed in each description of each piece.

Safety & Care Concerns?

Make sure you always treat your piece with respect. Be very delicate with them. Considering these pieces are hand-made, you'll want to treat them as such.

  • Don't wear them while you are doing any manual labor where you sweat a lot 
  • Don't put them in any kind of liquid for very long as it will tarnish the wire and may also ruin the crystal as well

If you do want to recharge or clean or clear them, simply use the methods below to clear any energy that you may have absorbed.  But, don't do that for at least the first few months so that you will continue to enjoy my healing energy.

How Do I Recharge My Piece?

Once my healing energy has been used up in your piece there are a few things you can do to help replenish them with your own energy.  

First, you should clean and clear your piece.  These are the preferred methods:

  • Using sage
  • Placing it near clearing crystals (such as quartz or amethyst)
  • Placing outside under a full moon
  • Putting it under running water (but not for too long) 

All of these things will both clear your piece, but will also recharge them.  After doing one of these things you will then want to meditate with your piece.  Concentrating on filling the piece with lots of positive vibes.

The above are the same processes I use when clearing and cleaning before shipping my healing gemstone jewelry.

Size Options?

Most of my hand-made pieces I am able to recreate in order to make them different sizes.  In doing so, be aware it will take longer to ship - because I have to remake them.  If you don't mind waiting and see a particular item that you want, but would like it a different size - please feel free to get in touch with me.  You can do this either by email, text, call, or talk to my chat bot on the main page of this website.  I will respond as soon as I can.  And check out my contact me page for more details on other ways to connect.

International Orders

Items take longer to arrive over-seas due to the extra steps when it comes to shipping internationally.  Also, a lot depends on the country you are living in or shipping to - as to what is acceptable and what is not. So, make sure you check with what your country allows through over-seas merchandise shipments before buying something that sends internationally. 

If you have any other comments, questions, or concerns feel free to contact me either by email, text, or call.  The quickest way to reach me is either a text or a call. And if you click the chat icon on the site, l will get an immediate notification.

Check my contact page for more information.