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Wire wrapped crystal jewelry with a purpose

Handmade wire wrapped jewelry. Each piece is filled with natural crystal energy and reiki energy! Healing, exactly more of what the world needs right now! Grab your favorite piece today and feel the love for yourself!

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The Benefits Of Reiki - Innovated Visions Jewelry

Here are some other benefits of Reiki.

When I wire wrap my pieces, I am also infusing reiki energy into them at the same time. I use all sorts of different healing crystals. All crystals have their own special properties and different metaphysical healing energy. I use the wire to amplify both the natural properties of the crystals and my reiki healing energy. This way, you get the most powerful energy that reiki and the crystals can provide.

Meet The Creator And CEO - Innovated Visions Jewelry

Meet the creator of Innovated Visions Jewelry!

Hey everyone! My name is Sarah. I am the creator of IVJ. My vision behind creating this company is to help as many people as I can, learn to heal themselves. I am a positivity influencer on social media as well. I am not only the creative mind behind this company, but I also hand pick all of the crystals and create stunning handmade jewelry with them. Find the perfect design and crystal to fit your healing needs today! Thank you for not only helping support my dreams, but also my family, soul purpose, and reason for living. I am so grateful to have you on this incredible journey with me.

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